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#5339 Hi guys,

I am currently searching for new monitor for photography.

There are 3 models that are available on my market.

LG W2220P
Dell U2211
Dell 2209WA

Can you give some opinion about these 3 models and say what you think.

Thank you in advance.

By Marveric
#8059 Do not think too much into it Let's assume you have not only led this screen monitor are sold only in the US, with a few LG brand LCD panel with samsung separate the old with the new old retriever TN disadvantage is not wide viewing angle. Beside looking colors Good burst of up to 2 ms Response time low with 5 ms if someone catches sight sit well with the girls for the game, such as football games for sighted people, the elderly, or people do not pay much attention. Rarely are you the new version is an IPS screen of the LG monitor VA's samsung's sharp, fit not to try that with the two brands also screen them, you get caught or seen me most is the hand. Mobile Forum
- IPS of LG provides realistic color images look good with a wide dimension. ทางเข้า Gclub
- VA sumsung of the flashy colors look brighter perhaps than actually go wrong with TV sony model year 2013, most of the screen using the 2014 version of the LG IPS screen display for VA tap the screen. Tapping the screen will light gusts ips is perhaps disadvantage is the black image is sinking black hair is black and almost invisible details. Ips display of each line can be better.
      The new screen is also divided by grade. Others share price to quality is a number from 5-7 thousand to tens of thousands to the publication.
I know it's pretty expensive, but it is almost 5-6 times more than the normal version, I like the color screen of LG ips realistic eye color than it really samsung monitor dell monitor Dell panel using LG's price is higher than the LG quality components. other Including better service
    - - "Excavations are also divided over the mirror display screen and the outer screen is not as reflective light. But that is not backlit or reflective glass screen, the picture is pretty clear over time to your screen. He opened the show by The big picture is not good, because he was on a panel with port D-sub using DVI or call HDMi else to buy good, you say the budget will have to introduce myself that our model is better to know a lot more pain. tired head:
By kaiserthesage24
#8080 I just came in however in my opinion you dont have to over-bother with a 10-bits graphic card when selecting and IPS monitor or a 16-bits LUT table monitor for instance. First of all it is very expensive and of a very limited interest compared to the traditional. However, if you want to have nice gradients, favor monitors with an internal LUT table on 10 bits