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By Perljack
#7174 I'm planning on buying a new TV for the family room this year and besides being utterly confused about almost everything, I'm also trying to decide whether to buy a Full HD or 4K.

I reside in California (if that makes any difference??) and I'm trying to figure out where and how to stream 4K content? I know that a HEVC chip is required, but is HEVC = 4K streaming? And how do I watch YouTube in 4K? Reading something about VP9... what is that..?

Thanks :?
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By Rasmus Larsen
#7178 Netflix has some 4K and Amazon Instant has started streaming in 4K, too. Both require a 4K TV with a built-in HEVC decoder, which is what they both use. But there's not a lot of content yet.

You can stream 4K from YouTube on a TV, but you need to make sure that the TV has a chip to decode VP9, which is Google's alternative to HEVC :)

There is also a service called UltraFlix, but their 4K content is heavily compressed. Too much to really qualify it as "4K". And Samsung owner can download some 4K content from the service called M-Go.

Hope this helps.
#7840 I just searched the same questions and was directed into this page :? While the information is posted a year ago. Is there any changes?
By amy333
#7975 If you have a 4K TV, you're probably hungry for 4K content. Consumer Reports tells you where you can stream 4K movies and TV shows