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By samuel.blunt
#12055 Not if it's anything like the Samsung range the other year.
However, what few owners I've read of in other forums, none have noticed the stutter thus far.
This really is a none revolutionary year, whether the printing side, when it happens, will improve homogeneity etc could be good but motion still remains dubious in part overall.
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By Torben Rasmussen
#12066 DX900 will remain throughout 2017 as the top LCD model. Coverage was about the same, but back then we used a different software that didn't report coverage. We would have to dig into the raw measurements and convert into a coverage our selves to get an actual number.

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By Steve
#12077 I'm talking about the comments section of the articles, which was Disqus and gas dissapeared, instead having a link here.

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By Steve
#12078 Now, I'm talking about actual reviews and cover percentages, which were more than OLED.
But how such figures can be right when you get LCD bleed through too much on darker colours, I do not know. You would think the color space would be at least 20% down for this LCD across a complex pattern the led array can't accommodate. That would be a useful mectric fur OLED. However, the main usefulness of the 900 over OLED is not the extra couple percent rec2020 or dci, but having brigher HDR range at the same time. Otherwise buy new OLED.