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By Rasmus Larsen
#12085 The subject of TV manufacturers' market share is often brought up so I thought I'd share this graph.


Note that it only includes LCD TVs, which make up the majority of the TV market. Plasma never had a significant share and OLED is even lower (but growing and predicted to become more significant).

A few other observations:
- Panasonic fell out of top-10 in 2016.
- TCL, Hisense, Skyworth, Chanhong & Haier are growing mostly due to a booming market in China.
By Kuschelmonschter
#12088 Have been looking for such a chart for a very long time. Very interesting. Thanks.

Any explanation as to why Sony lost so much share? I mean it does not really come as a surprise to me when I look at my Sony Android TV... Seems like people indeed do care about more than just image quality...
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By Rasmus Larsen
#12119 Your guess is as good as mine but I think Sony has just stumbled in the mid-range segment. That's where the mass market is, and Sony simply cannot sell at the same prices as Samsung and LG that both produce panels in-house.