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Sharp LE920, LE820 and LE810
Sharp LE920, LE820 and LE810 are slim

By Rasmus Larsen (@flatpanels)
25 Jan 2010

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Sharp has unveiled three new high-end models at CES 2010, including a gigantic 68 inch flat panel TV. This year Sharps line-up will be bigger, thinner and more beautiful than ever.

FlatpanelsHD presents the Sharp LE920, LE820, and LE810 series. The new super slim LED-TVs (LCD TV with LED Edge) also feature Sharp's new Quad-Pixel technology.

Sharp LE920 LED

LE920 is Sharp's new flagship model measuring only 4 centimeters in depth. One of the main focuses in the new Sharp's ranges has been on design and Sharp has created a beautiful, elegant look with a all-in-one glass front.

Sharp LE920
Sharp LE920

LE920 will be available in 52-inches (LC-52LE920), 60-inches (LC-60LE920) and gigantic 68-inches (LC-68LE920), made possible by the new Sakai LCD production facility. All three LE920 models features Sharp's new X-Gen panel with Edge LED backlight.

Sharp LE920
Sharp LE920

LE920 will also be one of the first models to incorporate Sharp’s new panel technology Quad Pixel. Instead of traditional LCD panels that use RGB (red, green, blue), Sharp has added Y (yellow) in order to market the so-called YRGB panel. Sharp says that the addition of the yellow colour provides more distinct and accurate colours.

Sharp LE920
Sharp LE920

- "We have changed the way an LCD TV produces an image with the new four-primary-color technology, Allowing us two broaden the visual experience and immers consumers in a new world of color." says Mikio Katayama, president of Sharp Corporation.

Sharp LE920
Sharp LE920

The LE920 series also boasts AquoMotion 200 Hz technology and a response time of 4 ms.

Sharp LE920
Sharp LE920

The new flagship also has the ability to go online and exploit the rapidly expanding media content on the internet. With the new Aquos Net functionality users can gain access movie rental through Netflix as well as other services.

Sharp also points out that LE920 has obtained the Energy Star 4.0 label.

Sharp LE920
Sharp LE920

LE920 series will be available in May 2010.

Sharp LE820

LE820 is the step down from LE920. LE820 will be available in 60-inches (LC-60LE820), 52-inches (LC-52LE820), 46-inches (LC-46LE820) and 40-inches (LC-40LE820).

Sharp LE820
Sharp LE820

LE820 series has a much similar design with a front glass covering the frame and picture panel. By using a Edge LED backlight Sharp has reduced the thickness of the TV to 4 centimeters.

The model also supports the Sharp NET in order to access the Internet, as well as Sharp's new X-Gen panel with Quad Pixel Panel.

Sharp LE820
Sharp LE820

LE820 does not feature the same 200 Hz system as LE920 but a 100 Hz system instead. You will also find a USB input on LE820 that is limited to pictures and music (and no video).

Sharp LE820
Sharp LE820

The Sharp LE820 series will be available from March 2010. The models LC-60LE820, LC-52LE820, LC-46LE820 and 40 LC-40LE820 will be priced at $3,999, $2,999, $2,399 and $2,199, respectively.

Sharp LE810

Finally, Sharp has announced the LE810 model, which is the step down from LE820. The LE810 series features 60” (LC 60LE810), 52” (LC 52LE810), 46” (LC 46LE810) and 40” (LC-40LE810) models.

LE810 has many of the same features as LE820 series besides from the glass design. LE810 still has a Edge LED backlight, the new Quad Pixel Panel, and 100 Hz.

LE810 incorporates AQUOS Net, and a USB input that supports music and photos.

All models in LE810 range will be available from March 2010. Prices: $3,499, $2,599, $2,099 and $1,799.

Sakai factory

Sharp's new Sakai plant is the cornerstone in the production of 60-inch and 68-inch panels.

The Sakai plant will also supply the new Quad Pixel panels to Philips and Sony later in 2010. Sharp's models are, however, the first ones to utilize the new quad pixel structure.

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