Disney movies ocming to Netflix
Netflix inks exclusive deal with Disney

05 Dec 2012 | Rasmus Larsen |

Thought Netflix had no bargaining power compared to the TV networks? Think again. Netflix has just inked a deal that will bring Disney, Walt Disney Animation, Marvel and Pixar movies exclusively to Netflix from 2016.

Disney movies coming to Netflix

This is a major deal for Netflix. Not only will they be getting movies from Disney, Walt Disney Animation, Marvel and Pixar as the first TV provider (after the sales window has concluded) but the deal is also exclusive, meaning that no other subscription service (not even HBO or Showtime) will be able to show the Disney content at the same time as Netflix.

The Nightmare before Christmas
The Nightmare before Christmas

The theatrical Disney, Marvel & Pixar releases will show exclusively on Netflix from 2016. Disney’s direct-to-video projects will be available from Netflix starting next year.

Starting immediately Netflix users can access parts of Disney’s extensive back catalog, including movies such as Dumbo, The Aristocats, Pocahontas, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. In the months to come Pirates of the Caribbean and M. Night Shayamalan movies will also be available, including other Disney movies.

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