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Samsung F8500
Samsung unveils F8500 LED Smart TV for Europe

By Rasmus Larsen (@flatpanels)
05 Feb 2013

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Samsung told us about the new 2013 LED models at CES but a new F8500 LED model has just been unveiled for the European market. The base is made from one solid piece of aluminum.

Samsung F8500 Smart TV

Samsung’s F8500 LED model will arrive in Europe soon. The TV is part of the LED line-up and has an extremely slim bezel, a thin cabinet and a new curved base design that has been made from one solid piece of aluminum.

Samsung F8500
Samsung F8500 Smart TV

Samsung F8500 offers the new Smart TV platform with an updated user interface, TV apps and the Evolution Kit. The Smart TV also allows you to share content to and from a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet.

Samsung says that F8500 is largely similar to the F8000 model that was unveiled at CES 2013. F8500 comes with the same panel and features, and is mainly a design variant.

Samsung F8500
Samsung F8500 Smart TV

Samsung F8500 will be available in Europe in 46 and 55 inch sizes called UE46F8500 and UE55F8500. The TVs will cost €2799 and €3799, respectively, when they arrive in Q2 2013.


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