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Google Play Movies arrives on Vizio TVs

14 Aug 2017 | Rasmus Larsen |

Google has slowly but surely been expanding its movie store to platforms outside of Android. Google Play Movies & TV is now available on Vizio TVs.

Rent movies via Google

Google’s iTunes competitor is now available to even more movie buffs. The company has announced that the app can be found on Vizio TVs based on the VIA+ platform.

- “Starting today, you'll be able to find your favorite movies and TV shows with the Google Play Movies & TV app on VIZIO VIA+/D-series Smart TVs. This means you can now access your library, get the latest releases, and watch directly on your TV,” the company said.

Google Play Movies on Vizio TV

Google is partnering with more than 200 film and TV distributions worldwide to fill up the store with content. The company has started including movies in 4K and more recently HDR quality. These, however, do not appear to be available on Vizio TVs yet.

The Google Play Movies & TV app is also available on Android TV, Smart TVs from Samsung and LG as well as Roku devices.

- Source: Google

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