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Best of CES 2011
Best of CES 2011 in Las Vegas

12 Jan 2011 | Rasmus Larsen |

CES 2011 is over and the new 2011 TVs amd gadgets have been unveiled. In this article we take a look at the best TV announcements from CES 2011. You can also use this article for a general overview of the CES 2011 coverage here on FlatpanelsHD.

First we introduce the TVs from each manufacturer and at the bottom you can find the best technology demonstrations from CES.

In the coming months we will receive review samples of the new TVs, and publish overview articles with prices and more picture, so check in regularly.

Samsung’s 2011 TVs

Samsung’s 2011 TVs are slimmer and has even thinner bezels than ever. Samsung has introduced new LCD/LED and plasma models with focus on 3D, Internet and design.

Samsung D8000
Samsung D8000

Learn more about Samsung’s 2011 TVs below:
  • Samsung D8000, D7000 & D6400 with 0.5 cm bezels
  • Samsung’s new D8000 & D6500 plasma TVs with 3D

    Panasonic’s 2011 TVs

    Panasonic unveiled their 2011 plasma-TVs at CES 2011 and also announced that they plan to launch their first 3D LCD-TV. Panasonic has focused on picture quality and design with new slimmer TVs with thinner bezels.

    Panasonic VT30
    Panasonic VT30

    Learn more about Panasonic’s 2011 TVs below:
  • Panasonic presents VT30, GT30 & ST30 with 3D
  • Panasonic introduces DT30, first 3D LED model

    Sony’s 2011 TVs

    Sony has introduced their 2011 TVs with beautiful design and new technology. Amongst these we find NX720 and the flagship model HX929 with LED and local dimming. Sony has focused on Internet, design and 3D.

    Sony HX920
    Sony HX920

    Learn more about Sony’s 2011 TVs below:
  • Sony Bravia 2011 TVs with LED, 3D & Monolithic design

    LG’s 2011 TVs

    LG has new TVs based on the Infinia Borderless design philosophy ready. The TVs are slimmer than ever and comes with thinner bezels. LG also focuses on Internet and media functionality, as well as the new passive 3D technology and the innovative Nano LED technology.

    LG Nano LW950W
    LG Nano LW950W

    Learn more about LG’s 2011 TVs below:
  • LG LW9500 and LW7700 with Nano technology
  • LG PZ950 is new plasma-TV with 3D, THX & Smart TV
  • LG PZ750, PZ550 and PZ250 plasma with 3D also coming

    Philips’ 2011 TVs

    Philips has released new mid-end TVs and has also announced that they will release their impressive 3D Cinema 21:9 TV in the US in the second half of 2011.

    Philips 3D Cinema 21:9
    Philips 3D Cinema 21:9

    Learn more about Philips’ 2011 TVs below:
  • Philips bringing 3D Cinema 21:9 & wireless HDMI to USA
  • Philips presents 4000, 5000 & 6000 TV ranges

    Vizio’ 2011 TVs

    US based Vizio has announced their 21:9 TV as well as new 3DTVs with the passive 3D technology.

    Vizio Theater 3D
    Vizio Theater 3D

    Learn more about Vizio’ 2011 TVs below:
  • Vizio presents 2 new 21:9 Cinema HDTVs
  • Vizio Theater 3DTVs from 22 to 71" official

    Best of CES 2011 - Technologies

    We have also found the best technology news from Las Vegas. Below you will find futuristic products such as the Sony 3D helmet and extremely thin Samsung OLED panels (with video).

    Sony 3D helmet, Source: Engadget
    Sony 3D helmet, Sournce: Engadget

    Read about the new technology that was showcased at CES 2011 below.
  • Sony shows futuristic 3D helmet with 2 OLED screens
  • Samsung boasts extremely thin OLED panels
  • Sony demonstrates glasses-free 3D OLED-TV
  • Samsung & RealD develops new RDZ 3D technology
  • Lady Gaga meets OLED

    More CES 2011

    You can find all articles from CES 2011 on our CES 2011 coverage page here.
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