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Philips 2021 TV line-up

23 Mar 2021 | Flatpanels |

Philips has more and larger OLED TVs as well as its first miniLED LCD TVs. New features include HDMI 2.1, Filmmaker Mode, Mimi sound personalization, and an upgraded video processor. Here's the full overview of Philips' 2021 TV line-up (Europe).

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Philips 2021 TVs

Philips has a full line-up of new TVs, ranging from inexpensive to high-end. The company's most advanced TVs in 2021 are based on OLED technology and for this first time Philips will offer OLED up to 77 inches. Stepping down from OLED, you have LCD TVs with zone dimming miniLED backlight. The mid-range consists of more conventional LCD TVs with 4K resolution.
Philips OLED806
As for the OLED TVs, Philips has unveiled new 7- and 8-series models. OLED705 and OLED706 represent affordable models whereas OLED806 and OLED856 represent the lower high-end. Last year's 9-series, OLED935, with B&W speakers will carry over into 2021. The company typically launches new high-end models in the second half of the year. The OLED TVs feature the company's 'anti burn-in' system that analyzes the picture for logos and other static elements to further reduce the risk of burn-in. In 2021, Philips will also launch its first LCD TVs with miniLED backlight. Smaller light emitting diodes can provide improved brightness control (approx. 1000 dimming zones) compared to other LCD TVs. These are high-end TVs that will be available in 65 and 75 inches only.

Philips PUS8506

Philips PUS8506 will once again this year be known as "The One"

The company will launch refreshed LCD models for the mainstream segment. PUS8506, known as "The One", will be supplemented by various 7-series Android TV models. The partnership will Google appears to be back on track after Philips started phasing in its in-house Saphi platform from the bottom-up a few years ago. In 2021, the majority of the TV models are once again running Android. Philips said that its TVs will come pre-installed with Android version 10. There are ongoing discussions with Google in regard to Google TV, which is the new branding and user interface on top of Android TV. However, Philips does not expect its 2021 models to get the Google TV treatment this year. In either case, Philips Android TVs will receive future Android updates. Also read: Google, Netflix & YouTube to require AV1 video decoding support With Android TV you are also getting built-in Chromecast and access to popular streaming apps such as HBO, Disney+, and Netflix via the Google Play store. The 2021 models are Philips' first to offer AV1 decoding. AV1 is shaping up be the next major video format, backed by Apple, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, and others. From the consumer perspective, AV1 can deliver higher streaming quality at similar bitrates or identical streaming quality at lower bitrates – or a combination.

Philips PML9506

High-end models will have an aluminum frame

The company's trademark, Ambilight, will be available in more TV models than ever. The mood lighting system has in recent years been expanded to work with Philips Hue, gaming, Spotify music, and more. Many high-end models offer 4-sided Ambilight this year. The company's P5 video processor has learned new tricks, including a new 'Film Detection' feature that recognizes film content and adjusts accordingly. For the first time, Philips 2021 TVs will feature HDMI 2.1 port with support for 4K120, VRR (40-120Hz), eARC and ALLM. At this time, HDMI 2.1 is relevant only for gaming on consoles like PlayStation 5 (4K120, later VRR) and Xbox Series X (4K120 and VRR) but more HDMI 2.1-powered source devices are expected to launch in the coming years. Follow the link to learn more about HDMI 2.1 in TVs. The TVs also come with HGiG and AMD FreeSync support.

Philips PML9636

Philips PML9636 has a 3.1.2-channel speaker system for Dolby Atmos

Philips is still working together with B&W, Bowers & Wilkins, to equip its high-end TVs with more capable sound systems than your average TV. The 2021 models support DTS Play-Fi that enables users to wirelessly connect additional speakers to the TV for surround sound. A new 'Mimi' function can match sound to your individual hearing profile. The TVs also support Dolby Atmos decoding for the internal speakers or as Atmos output via HDMI eARC. PM9636 is equipped with a up-firing speakers for more immersive Dolby Atmos sound. Also read: Philips 2021 TVs can match sound to your individual hearing profile The TVs support multiple HDR formats; HDR10, HDR10+ (also HDR10+ Adaptive), HLG, and Dolby Vision. However, HDR is relatively easy to support in software, but puts high demands on the display hardware so choose wisely if you want to experience HDR at home.
Philips OLED706
There are no 8K models in the line-up for the first half of 2021, and Philips has been reiterating that it will launch 8K only "when the market is ready". The company is most likely referring to the dearth of 8K content. And current 8K TV sales trends are not looking bright. Philips has not reached an agreement with Apple to bring the Apple TV app, AirPlay 2 and HomeKit to its TVs either. Other features worth highlighting are Calman Ready for easier picture calibration, voice control with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as well as 'Fast Motion Clarity' (BFI, or black frame insertion). The TVs come with built-in DVB tuners for cable, satellite and antenne feeds. None of the 2021 models are equipped with twin tuners. The TVs also have built-in WiFi 5 (ac) and Bluetooth 5.0. The Philips 2021 TVs will start shipping in the second quarter. Pricing details have yet to be announced but will be added to the overview automatically as soon as we know more. Once the TVs become available, model names and sizes will become active and clickable links to price comparison or retailers. You can tell 2021 Philips TVs apart from previous years’ models by the model number ending on '6'; a 8000 LCD series from 2021 will be called PUS8x06: xxx6 = 2021, xxx5 = 2020, xxx4 = 2019, xxx3 = 2018, xxx2 = 2017, xxx1 = 2016, xxx0 = 2015, xxx9 = 2014, xxx8 = 2013.

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