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LG 2022 TV line-up

16 Feb 2022 | Flatpanels |

In 2022, LG will launch its first 42- and 97-inch 4K OLED TVs and introduce 'Brightness Booster' in C2 and G2. LG's Smart TV system, webOS, gets user profiles, Matter support and 'Always Ready' functionality. Here's a full overview of LG's 2022 TV line-up.

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LG 2022 TVs

LG will introduce new A2, B2, C2, G2, and Z2 OLED models to replace last year's A1, B1, C1, G1 and Z1. Both C2 and G2 with be 'OLED Evo', which is not a specific panel according to LG but rather a combination of panel, video processing, and algorithms. C2 will be brighter than last year's C1 due to 'OLED Evo' and a 'Brightness Booster' system while G2 will get 'Brightness Booster Max', which should get even brighter enabled by a new heat dissipation solution.
LG 97-inch OLED
LG's 97-inch G2 OLED TV
LG C2 gets a new smaller 42-inch size with 4K resolution meaning that the C2 range will span 42 to 83 inches. The G2 range will get a 83-inch size and a new even larger 97-inch size with 4K resolution that will be significantly less expensive than LG's current 88-inch 8K OLED, according to FlatpanelsHD's sources. 8K OLED is still limited to the very pricey Z2 range. A2 will remain a 50/60Hz 4K OLED TV. How bright can C2 and G2 get? We hear that G2 should hit above 1000 nits peak brightness under certain conditions that remain unspecified at this time. LG C2 should hit up to 900 nits peak brightness under certain conditions. These figures are not official data and we will be testing the TVs later this year. A caveat here: While the 42- and 48-inch C2 models are 'OLED Evo', they will not be as bright as the larger sizes due to factors relating to the higher pixel density in the panels.


LG 2022 65-inch C2 OLED TV

LG C2 will be significantly lighter this year (18.1 kg in 65" vs. 32.7 kg last year) due to a strong composite fiber material that can also help dissipate heat from the OLED panel, according to LG. LG C2 will have a manual swivel stand in 55-77 inches. A floor stand for the 42- and 48-inch C2 models can be purchased separately. The design of the tabletop stand will differ between the sizes (see comments section). The G2 is still a 'Gallery' model which is designed to hang flush to the wall. A tabletop stand and a floor stand will be available to purchase separately – except for the 97-inch model. Both C2 and G2 will have a slimmer screen bezel (6 mm in 2022 vs. 10.2 mm in 2021).


LG will sell an optional floor stand for the G2 'Gallery' OLED TV

At CES 2022, LG Display – the panel manufacturer – announced 'OLED EX' but LG Electronics is not referring to OLED EX in any way. In comments made to FlatpanelsHD, the company only wanted to confirm that C2 and G2 use a panel akin to the G1 panel from 2021. That is OLED Evo and that is LG Electronic's official stance on the matter. LG is launching refreshed LCD models too spanning high-end "QNED" LCD to "NanoCell" LCD (only two models announced so far) to entry-level LCD models that will be known as the UQ models in 2022. The "QNED" LCD models will come with 8K and 4K resolution, and are said to have improved miniLED zone dimming (except QNED80 and QNED81). Other than that there are no display innovations. Also read: LG Display welcomes Samsung's QD-OLED, says miniLED is bad for eye health High-end models are powered by an upgraded Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor with improved dynamic tone-mapping and new "AI" features, according to LG, while the step-down models use the Alpha 7 Gen 5 processor. The mid-range models will for the first time switch to an LG in-house processor called Alpha 5 Gen 5 (where Gen 5 refers to its capabilities relative to the Alpha 7 and Alpha 9 because this is the first version of Alpha 5). In addition, LG has announced its first range of 'lifestyle' TVs, encompassing the 65-inch Art90 OLED TV (see below) and a small 27-inch battery-powered and movable LCD TV. The TVs will be available in select regions. We will include these two models in the overview once we receive more information.


LG's Art90 lifestyle OLED TV will launch in select regions in 2022

LG's TVs will of course once again have HDMI 2.1 ports and features like 4K120, eARC, ALLM, and VRR (plus FreeSync and G-Sync Compatible). The ports have 48 Gbps bandwidth but there are no user-facing advantages to the higher bandwidth on the 4K models compared to last year's models with 40 Gbps HDMI, says LG. The company would not comment on its plans for DSC (Display Stream Compression) support over HDMI 2.1. The TVs support HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision HDR formats but LG – like Sony – continues to ignore HDR10+. The TVs support Dolby Atmos audio decoding but still not any form of DTS audio. There is Filmmaker Mode and the same Game Dashboard / Optimizer menu as in the 2021 models. The latest version of webOS, now referred to as webOS 22, introduces user profiles to let each user access his or hers favorite streaming services and get tailored content recommendations based on viewing history as well as personal notifications. User profiles do not extend to picture/audio settings. There are global settings to control how many hours per day the TV can be on. In addition, C2 and G2 will have room-to-room sharing (requires firmware update) for viewing cable or satellite content on another TV at home. A new LG Fitness app will give users in some regions access to HIIT workouts, stretching and meditation, among others. LG C2, G2, QNED99, QNED96 og QNED91 feature 'Always Ready' functionality. Due to energy regulations, the feature will be off by default but if the user activates it, Always Ready will let a user quickly tap the power button on the remote to show artwork, personal photos, and use Bluetooth speaker capabilities. A double tap or long press of the remote's power button will make the screen go black but let music keep playing. In addition, users can use "Hi LG" voice commands from 'Always Ready' mode. In the second half of 2022, LG will add support for Matter to webOS 22. Matter is the new industry standard for the smart home that will be cross-compatible across brands and platforms. Besides LG, Matter is backed by major players such as Amazon, Apple and Google. New for 2022 is support for WiFi 6 in the C2 and G2 OLED TVs and the QNED99 and QNED95 LCD TVs. Other TV models will support WiFi 5. The Ethernet port is still capped to 100 Mbps.
Other features include NFC-powered 'Magic Tap' on the remote control to let you share content to the TV, Calman Ready for easier picture calibration, Dolby Vision IQ that adapts the Dolby Vision picture to match your viewing environment, 'AI Brightness Control' that aims to achieve the same thing for non-Dolby Vision sources, Bluetooth virtual surround as well as Google Assistant plus Amazon Alexa voice assistant support. LG G2 and Z2 have an ATSC 3.0 tuner. LG 2022 TVs also support AV1 video decoding (but still not Netflix's AV1 streams). LG did not want to comment on its plans for VVC (Versatile Video Decoding) just yet. You can tell LG 2022 OLED TVs apart from previous years' models by the '2' (2 for 2022) in the model name (i.e. C2): 2 = 2022, 1 = 2021, X = 2020, 9 = 2019, 8 = 2018, 7 = 2017, 6 = 2016. The new LCD models are designated 'Nano' or 'UQ'. A reminder: QNED / UQ / Nano = 2022, QNED / UP / Nano = 2021, Nano / UN = 2020, SM / UM = 2019, SK / UK = 2018, SJ / UJ = 2017, UH = 2016, UF = 2015, UB = 2014. The line-up overview will be updated continuously to reflect any changes or new models announced by LG. Once the TVs become available, the model name and size will become an active and clickable link to price comparison or retailers.

TV models


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