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Sony 2022 TV line-up

22 Feb 2022 | Flatpanels |

In 2022, Sony will launch its first QD-OLED TVs, first miniLED LCD TVs, first 42-inch OLED TV, and first 7-series OLED TVs. With Google TV, HDMI 2.1, PS5 features, and more. Here's the full overview of Sony's 2022 TV line-up.

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Sony 2022 TVs

A95K will be one of the first QD-OLED TVs and this year's flagship 4K model from Sony. QD-OLED is a new type of OLED panel, developed and produced by Samsung Display, that uses blue OLED together with quantum dot converters for red and green. Also read: Hands-on: Sony A95K QD-OLED, X95K miniLED LCD & other 2022 TVs In addition, Sony will launch the A90K, A80K and A75K OLED TVs based on LG Display's WOLED panel type. A90K will for the first time be available in a 42-inch size in addition to a 48-inch size. A90K should be seen as an extension of the last year's A90J (55-83") that will carry over into 2022. A80K is a direct successor to A80J while A75K is a new slightly more affordable OLED TV range from Sony that will be available in Europe. It is the first time that Sony has brought OLED technology to the 7-series.
Sony 2022 A90K OLED TV
Sony emphasized that all of its OLED TVs will feature 100/120 Hz panels so A75K should not be seen as a direct competitor to LG's budget A1 but rather LG's B1 series. With a total of four OLED TV ranges, Sony will this year have its widest OLED line-up to date as OLED display technology continues its steady march towards the mid-range segment while still dominating the premium segment. The flagship A95K QD-OLED TV comes with a dual-style stand that can be placed behind the TV (to hide the stand and make the TV lean back slightly) or in front of the TV (to make the TV stand up straight), shown below.


Sony A95K QD-OLED. Photo: Sony

Sony will launch its first LCD TVs with miniLED backlights in the form of X95K (4K) and Z9K (8K). Like TCL and Samsung's ("Neo QLED") LCD TVs, these TVs feature a miniLED backlight with a greater number of light emitting diodes and more dimming zones as compared to previous zone-dimming LED LCD TVs. We expect Z9K to hit 2000-4000 nits and X95K around 1500-2500 nits but these are estimates only based on Sony's 'XR Contrast Booster' specifications. X90K should also hit higher peak brightness than last year's X90J, according to Sony, but no numbers were provided. How many dimming zones? Sony is not saying but we will examine peak brightness and zone dimming capabilities in depth once we get our hands on a review sample.

Sony X95K miniLED LCD

Sony X95K miniLED LCD. Photo: Sony

The 2022 premium models still feature only two HDMI 2.1 ports for 4K120 (except Z9K which has three) and VRR. One of the ports double as HDMI eARC. The TVs supports Sony's 'Perfect for PlayStation 5' features meaning automatic HDR calibration (Auto HDR Tone Mapping) and auto-switch into Game mode (Auto Genre Picture Mode) – or HGiG and ALLM in HDMI 2.1 terms. Three HDR formats are supported: HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision. Like LG, Sony continues to shun Samsung/Panasonic's HDR10+ format. Some of the TVs are also certified for IMAX Enhanced but note that this is a not a format – more like a marketing push together with a built-in picture mode.

Sony Google TV

Sony Google TV. Photo: Sony

All of the high-end TVs are powered by the 'XR Cognitive Processor' and run Google TV (Android 10) with the more content-centric homescreen, personal content recommendations, and preview ads. From the Google Play Store you can download streaming apps and games. Chromecast, Google Assistant, Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit are built in. Sony has an optional camera (Bravia Cam) that can enable additional smart features such as automatic volume control and user detection as well as gesture control and video chat. Some of these features require a firmware update. Sony 2022 TVs come bundled with a new simpler remote control with fewer buttons (25 vs. 49 last year). The user can also ask a voice assistant to "find the remote". The premium models (A90K OLED and up, X95K LCD and up) come bundled with a metal version of the remote while the cheaper models (A80K OLED and below, X90K LCD and below) come with a black plastic version.

Sony 2022 remote

Sony's two new remote controls for 2022 TVs. Photo: FlatpanelsHD

Sony's own movie streaming service, Bravia Core, still comes preloaded with free access to a handful of movies from Sony Pictures for buyers of a new Sony TV. In 2022, there is a Bravia Core Calibrated Mode in the TVs to give you the most accurate picture, according to Sony. The Netflix app has a new Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode that adjusts the picture to match the viewing environment. It can automatically adjust the luminance level (A80K and up) and the tone curve (A90K and up). The color temperature of the picture is not matched to the viewing environment when using Netflix's Adaptive Calibrated Mode but on Sony A95K and Z9K it can be adjusted adaptively with apps (when using Sony's Custom mode), HDMI and tuner sources. Some of these features require the Bravia camera. They are part of Sony's Ambient Optimization Pro system. All of Sony's 2022 OLED models, including QD-OLED, come with speakers embedded into the actual OLED panel, meaning that there are actuators behind it that use the panel as an invisible speaker membrane. Sony refers to it as Acoustic Surface Audio and the speaker configuration varies depending on the model (see the overview below). The LCD TV models feature Acoustic Multi-Audio where tweeters (either two or four, as specified in the overview below) in the TV's frame are used to deliver more direct sound. The mid-range and woofers are placed along the bottom of the frame. If you want to connect a soundbar, Sony's Acoustic Center Sync system will let you use the TV speakers in combination with the soundbar for improved center channel audio. The TVs also support Dolby Atmos decoding for internal playback on the TV speakers or for output via HDMI eARC.
Sony 2022 X90K LCD TV
Sony X90K LCD TV
Other features include Calman Ready for manual or automatic picture calibration, XR Backlight Master Drive for better backlight control in the miniLED LCD models, XR Motion Clarity for enhanced motion, X-Wide Angle (in some LCD models) for wider viewing angles, and X-Anti Reflection for reduced screen reflections. Check the specifications below to see which models offer these features. The TVs have built-in WiFi 5 (ac standard) and Bluetooth. Some models have ATSC 3.0 tuners for 'next-gen' TV in the US and twin-tuners in Europe. All of the Google TV models are capable of decoding AV1 video but there is no support for H.266 / VVC (Versatile Video Coding) and the Ethernet port is still limited to 100 Mbps, Sony confirmed to FlatpanelsHD. Sony's 2022 TVs will start shipping in the spring or summer, depending on the model. In 2022, Sony will use the same model names across Europe, North America and other regions. 'K' refers to the 2022 generation. A reminder: AK/ZK/XK = 2022, AJ/ZJ/XJ = 2021, AH/XH/ZH = 2020, AG/XG/ZG = 2019, AF/XF = 2018, A/XE = 2017, XD = 2016, XC = 2015, XB = 2014, XA = 2013. The line-up overview will be updated continuously to reflect any changes or new models announced by Sony. Once the TVs become available, the model name and size will become an active and clickable link to price comparison or retailers.

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