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Samsung 2024 TV line-up (with TV compare tool)

28 Mar 2024 | Flatpanels |

Samsung is expanding its line-up of 4K OLED TVs – with either QD-OLED or WOLED panels – and reducing the number of 8K LCD ranges. There is a full "QLED" 4K LCD line-up, though it faces tougher competition than ever. Here is Samsung's 2024 TV line-up.

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After nearly a decade of dismissing OLED TVs, all eyes are now firmly on Samsung's OLED TVs. In 2024, the South Korean company will introduce three OLED ranges: S95D, S90D and S85D, ranging from 42 to 83 inches.
Samsung 2024 TV
Samsung's "QLED" LCD TVs are taking a back seat to the new OLED TVs this year. Pictured is a 2024 QLED LCD model
While it is evident that the 42, 48 and 83-inch screens are using LG Display's WOLED panel, as QD-OLED is available only in 55, 65, and 77 inches, you cannot be sure to get QD-OLED technology even in 55, 65 and 77 inches if you are planning to buy S90D. As reported earlier, Samsung will mix (older) QD-OLED and WOLED panels in the S90D. The 42-inch S90D will be available in select regions only. Europe will not get it at launch but a later introduction is not ruled out, according to Samsung.

Samsung 83 OLED

Samsungs' new 83" S90D OLED TV. Photo: FlatpanelsHD

S95D is guaranteed to feature the 2024 QD-OLED panel, though. For the first time, Samsung Electronics – not Samsung Display the panel manufacturer – has also applied an anti-glare matte coating to the S95D panel in an attempt to reduce reflections. S95D is the only OLED with the external One Connect box. Panel maker Samsung Display claims that the 2024 QD-OLED panel can reach up to 3000 nits peak and 300 nits full-screen brightness, but once again, we do not expect the actual S95D to achieve those brightness levels in calibrated mode. Here's a video of the new matte coating on S95D (right) compared to last year's S95C without matte coating.
The matte coating on S95D. Video: FlatpanelsHD
As for Samsung's "QLED" LCD ranges, QN900D and QN800D feature 8K resolution. Most likely due to muted consumer interest in 8K TVs, no new QN700 is planned this year. The new 4K ranges are known as QN95D, QN90D, QN85D, Q80D etc. Only the 8K LCD ranges (and The Frame) feature the external One Connect box, which is a departure from previous years when the QN95 series also featured the external connection box. In recent years, Samsung's miniLED LCD models have fallen behind Chinese brands' miniLED LCDs in terms of the number of dimming zones, and there is nothing to indicate that Samsung will catch up in 2024 or beyond.

Samsung 2024 Neo QLED

Samsung's "Neo QLED" LCD TVs are being challenged by cheaper, more advanced miniLED LCD TVs from Chinese brands. Photo: FlatpanelsHD

The company's Tizen platform has undergone some minor tweaks this year, including user profiles for the first time, but also more ads and ad-supported free TV. The Gaming Hub is still reserved for a few countries, although the cloud gaming apps can be downloaded from the app store in other countries too. Samsung still refuses to upgrade Tizen in older TVs. A new feature is the 'Active Voice Amplifier Pro' function, which in our demo was surprisingly effective, although we need a review sample before we can make any definitive statements. Samsung is still opposed to Dolby's HDR video format, Dolby Vision, instead promoting its own HDR10+, which is not as widespread as Dolby Vision although it is starting to gain traction. However, in 2022, Samsung finally embraced Dolby Atmos audio, which is still supported in 2024. The company plans to introduce its homegrown Atmos rival later in 2024, but it remains to be seen if the 2024 models fully support it. The new audio format, still nameless, was developed in partnership with Google.
Samsung Tizen 24
Samsung's Tizen operating system in 2024
The 2024 models still support all the other usual Samsung features, including Object Tracking Sound with compatible soundbars, Apple AirPlay 2 support, up to four HDMI 2.1 ports, Filmmaker Mode, and much more. You can recognize a Samsung 2024 TV model by the letter 'D' after the model number for the broader LCD and QD-OLED line-up, for example S95D. High-end models are labeled S*D or QN*D. As a reminder: DU/Q*D/QN*D/S*D = 2024, CU/Q*C/QN*C/S*C = 2023, BU/Q*B/QN*B/S*B = 2022, AU/Q*A/QN*A = 2021, TU/T/Q*T = 2020, RU/R/Q*R = 2019, NU/N/Q*FN = 2018, MU/M/Q = 2017, KS/KU = 2016, JS/JU = 2015, HU/H = 2014, F = 2013. The line-up overview will be updated continuously to reflect any changes or new models announced by Samsung. Once the TVs become available, the model name and size will become an active and clickable link to price comparison or retailers.

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