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I'm not an avid TV watcher but I'm about to buy a new one.
I usually watch a lot of Netflix so I'd like to try the new 4K + HDR combo on a 55'' TV.

I dont want to spend a lot so I'd like an advice for the best "cheap" tv I can find in Italy.

Seems Italian (EU) P6 serie of TCL is different from the US one.
We have the U55P6006 - U55P6046 - 55DP660.
Or the U55X9006 - QLED
I can't tell the difference.
Any suggestions?
What about the new Hisenses?

Thank you.
Normal because rTings make reviews for America and not for rest of the world.
Same with Hisense who in America U8H its good and on the rest its a lolTV U8HQ
Google youtube TCL C835 and you will see a lot of reviews.