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By renpri
I have the B&O speakers 6000 and 8000

I want to buy a television about 150cm wide but not from B&O
Is there anyone who can advise me wether there are tv sets on which i can connect my speakers and to obtain the dolby surround sound?

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By Rasmus Larsen
B&O has a solution called the BeoPlay S8 Connection Hub. I think it is limited to stereo, though.
By HarryP
Hi Renpri,

Depends on how you want to implement it. One option is the S8 Hub, it is however stereo only. An alternative from B&O itself is the BeoLab Transmitter 1 in conjunction with the Beolab Receiver 1. This supports both a full 7.1 surround sound setup as well as integration with your new TV remote. This solution uses WISA for signal transport.

A third party solution might be one of the Almando multiplay switches which can utilise your existing cable system.
By Micronian
The Beolab 6000 and 8000 have line level inputs. I do not know of any new televisions that come with 5.1 line level outputs build on them. You will need a Receiver or Preamp that decodes Dolby surround sound, with line level outputs. Then just just run RCA wires to each of the speakers.