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By Martin11
I am missing the 49 inch in x9c version?
Orb maybe it will be added later in the European version.

I doubt they would not put the better,newer x1 ultimate chip in the 2019 follow up of the xf900 series which had the x1 extreme version just like the 2018 oleds
By Kuschelmonschter
There is quite an interesting video on the 2019 lineup on digitalfernsehende, see here.

FlatpanelsHD once announced IMAX Enhanced support (see here) for some 2017/2018 models which does not seem to be true anymore though, at least for the XF90. Is this the new Sony scandal in 2019? Not that anybody cares about this IMAX Enhanced...

XF90 carries over from 2018 even though there are adequate replacements with XG90/XG95. Also interesting is that AG8 will still be based on ATV2 with its three year old MT5891 SoC (2016).

AF9 and ZF9 are gone from their portfolio after just a few months on the market. ZG9 gets back Master Backlight Drive which Sony stripped from ZF9.

Sony's whole lineup is more or less rebranding and reintroducing technologies they have already abandoned. Totally weird management.