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By Steve
#15403 This is more a warning about buying TV's, things age not as good as sales people make out. Those pretty pictures on QLED are not just an illusion and oled isn't as good as they believe. These people don't know much more then they're told. I had one, proudly of her knowledge, telling me that Samsung was using white pixels as a trick. It turns out, she thought OLED was using rgb pixel layout. She was one of the better ones. I hear them walking around telling people things untrue, promoting OLED as the only thing.

I think it's helpful to speak about new displays in terms of contrast filtering, real black levels with any backlight fully on, rec2020 coverage in news and reviews.

RGBW Oled is disappointing:

I read they don't operate the white sub pixel at the same times as the colored sub pixels. Is this true? Because the balanced output seems to be on the SDR range (actually MDR) on the B8 test I saw. I can see gleaming whites and white highlights in a sea of duller pure colors on the somewhat otherwise stunning LG demos. I think it strange they don't have a menu option to use the color sub-pixels to at least roll off the highlights and supplement the top end. A lot of color in nature is not primary, so the white pixels can help these appear brighter. As is, OLED produces better blacks, and holds the lower end, but the the quantum dot LCDs, like the Q7, hold the top HDR end much better, and produce nice enough blacks. It's ironic, the many blue OLED with quantum dot color filter panels in development for soon deployment (not just Samsung), may do both the bottom and top end well on a low end TV.

Other OLED and Rec2020 coverage:

Looking around over at oled-info to get some news, there is a number of oled manufacturers, including those preparing printable TV this and next year or so. A wealth of information to report. Wikipedia has listed the 98% large laser backlit LCD panel demonstrated on Japan a few years back, and the AUO foldable OLED that will do 95% of rec2020 demonstrated in 2015. But no mention of that Sharp 70 inch 8k LCD monitor which is supposed to be something like 90% of rec2020 coverage. I suspected it might have been related to the relatively excellent Panasonic DX900, and have read that that was an innolux panel, which company I think I head is involved with Sharp through the foxconn thing. But the wiki article also did not have full coverage of monitors that cover rec2020/2100 substantially.

Other OLED TV and TV manufactures:

It would he good if we had articles on the best displays here, the performance technology looking to HDR color volume, black levels and rec2100 coverage, as well as the number of Asian/American advanced TV's and OLED TV's including Konka, Skyworth etc. I can get an new oled TV here for around $760US from a re-badged brand new. It's only 300 nits though, so I'm not interested. But it shied there is stuff out there worth looking at. As far as LCD goes, top end Sharp, Visio, TCL, Hisense, when they actually produce something which has leading spec.

Oled and other Monitors with better rec2020 coverage:

Then there are leading monitors. The old Dell OLED monitor had a higher rec2020 spec then the Q7 or DX900. There are other OLED monitors out there (great for little TV's and home desks). There are new oled monitors and likely LCD panel technology. Maybe some make better HDR color volume coverage than the Q7?

Here is the rollable Samsung OLED design: ... -tv-design
By Steve
#15439 An interesting thing about the store above. I found a salesperson with a better mind the next time. They sold more of the Panasonic OLED than any other brand. At another store they were still trying to sell 2017 Panasonic OLED stock last month. At the store that sold all the Panasonic they had a 65 inch setup for movies, gleaming. Still, not so good dynamic range, and a bit of blue yellow hues (one of the Batman movies as I walked by) but it clearly up there compared to Sony OLED eye candy. The other store had been playing things like black panther in some standard mode that made things flat towards murky with flat pure colors. Really bad and really off putting. Says a lot about sales.