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Things were slow here from the ces floor, so I got looking for answers, and happily found some great stuff.

I was commenting lately that if Samsung did a deal with Panasonic they could at least use Panasonic dual shutter panel technology to give QLed better blacks and high brightness. Well, it turns out Hisense is trying something like that, by sticking a second fhd grey panel behind the main 4k panel to dim the fald more for darker pixels. Not perfect, but better than without, and they are using it at around 2900 nits. ... s-and-More
I'll give you a tip Rasmus, most of these cameras have a Sony derived sensor with limited dynamic range, but some car cameras have up to 20+ stops plus. Anything below 16 or so stops will progressively look more unnatural. The extra stops can help analyse the picture levels in detail, but most of these things only have 8 bits, and limited resolution. If you can get something which can do rapid multi shot HDR on a Sony sensor in a phone, it might be worth a try. Too slow, the animation is going to wreck it. Problem is, I don't know what controls the apps have, because I would tune one shot to be as fast as possible to minimise movement, while giving enough exposure to align with the second stop to have 16 stops plus. Requires a bit of tinkering and finding out which shot should be first.