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By MarkThompson_DC
I am ready to buy a 65-inch LG OLED C8, but I see they are soon to be replaced with the 2019 C9 model. LG is no help when I ask when those might be on the market. Wondering if anyone here has any idea? I fear buying a C8 and seeing the C9 come out the next week! The C8 came to market on 13 Feb 2018, so I figure the C9 will hit the market soon…just wondering if anyone has any insight about this?
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By Rasmus Larsen
I don't recall C8 hitting the markets in mid-February this year. LG hasn't announced availability and pricing for the 2019 models but it usually happens around March-April.

However, remember that the new models always carry very high prices tags at launch. You probably have to wait until autumn 2019 for the C9 to drop to the current price levels of C8.