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By Rasmus Larsen
#17216 Many TV makers use different LCD panel types (VA or IPS LCD) in the same model range, sometimes limited to a specific size (often the largest or smallest TV) and sometimes just as a mix between VA and IPS even in same size classes.

It's very bad practice and would compare to car makers using a mix between diesel and petrol engines in the same car model.

Here are some examples:
- Panasonic FX780 (IPS except in 75" which is VA)
- Sony XE85 / X850E (IPS except in 85" which is VA)
- LG UM71 (IPS except in 60" which is VA)
- Philips PUS7803 (mix between IPS and VA)
- Samsung MU6400 (mix between IPS and VA)

There are many more. If you know of any examples - old or new - please share in this thread.

and hat tip to Dan for bringing it up and reminding me again through his much loved enthusiasm and energy! :)