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We've already written about OnePlus' plans to launch the OnePlus TV.

Pete Lau, OnePlus CEO, now confirms that it will launch next month in India and later in the US, Europe, and China. Here's hid most recent blog post.

BusinessInsider has addition details. It will be a 4K LCD TV with quantum dots. It will be sold as a QLED TV meaning that Samsung or TCL/CSOT will be supplying the panels. I doubt that either will let OnePlus use the most advanced LED systems so it may turn out to be an edge-lit LCD TV.

And then we have these two curiosities:
- Lau said that OLED panels are expensive, and that the "price difference doesn't match the quality difference." - 65" LG OLED is $1800 while a 65" Samsung Q9FN is $1750. In Europe, a 55" OLED is now cheaper than a 55" Samsung Q9FN. You could of course compare it to the Samsung Q6FN but it's in a different league than an OLED. What is his point?
- The OnePlus TV will run on a customized and optimized version of Google's Android TV platform. "It's our prerogative that we optimize and integrate very deeply [with Android TV] for the best user experience," Lau said. - Google does not allow makers of Android TVs to customize the home screen so what does "customized" actually mean?

Unless this TV is dirt-cheap, I have a hard time seeing how it can be succesful. You can already get cheap "QLED" Android TVs from TCL.
"We are able to work alongside Google to optimize the Android TV user experience and offer our users Android TV updates for at least 3 years."

My understanding is that 3 years of updates is becoming a standard term in Google's contracts with Android TV vendors. TP Vision has the same clause in its contract with Google.

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