TVs, including LCD/LED, plasma, OLED, and more. Ask for buying advice, or help others, share experiences etc.
Hi guys,

I am looking for some buying advice. I am looking to upgrade my 32" TV for a newer model. I just moved apartments and finally have some proper space to hang/setup a nice TV. Now that the recent CES 2019 models are close to be released I am kinda lost in the space to know what I should buy. Let me describe my watching behaviour.

I am a big TV show fan (I don't watch movies that often but if I do I like to get the highest quality possible).

My sources of media are 1. Plex 2. Netflix (HDR subscription) 3. Prime Video 4. HBO Go. I don't use any cable subscriptions so everything would be digitally brought to the TV. I have gbit connection so this allows me to play the highest quality.

I am not looking for internal specs of the tv as in availability of applications etc. I will be preferring to use a streaming box those be 1. A Nvidia Shield & 2. A 4K Apple TV.

The size I am looking for is 55"-65" with good customer support in case something would go wrong. Preferred brands, are LG & Samsung (as described in the title). I would prefer to buy from because they mostly have good deals.

Soundwise I have no idea yet, I have the space for a proper set 5.1/7.2 but I would prefer to have a sound-bar. A projector is also an option but that would need some more drilling in the room.

Budget 1500eur-1800eur (excluding soundbar).

I also have a playstation 4 and a nintendo Switch but I use those sporadic.

Feedback would be highly appreciated.