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Interviewing Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove, we discover LCD TVs may become good enough to beat MicroLED TV thanks to quantum dots! Mr. CEO and FOMO discuss how Vizio uses QD to get 3,000 nits and how LCD TVs plan to beat micro LED in 2 years. TIMESTAMPS below:
3:22 Meet the CEO of Nanosys
3:42 How QLED (quantum dots) help picture quality
7:22 QD lifts Vizio P Quantum X to over 3,000 nits
12:48 How do we get to 10,000 nits?
19:45 LCD TV with QD color filter can match microLED TV
22:04 Next Gen LCD TVs arriving this year and next
It's an interesting interview but in regards to QD-LCD:
The challenge with LCD is not lack of brightness or color. It's lack of brightness control. Or more specifically backlight control. That's a very different challenge than applying new QD innovation to LCDs.

The Vizio LCD TV's quoted specs of 3000 nits peak brightness is mostly a theoretical value. It's not hitting anything close to that in most movie scenes and games. Peak brightness in HDR video content is reserved for very small segments in the picture and you will need tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dimming zones to address that challenge.

The most important element of great picture quality is, and always has been, contrast.

QD combined with self-emitting displays like OLED, microLED and other types of LED? Bring it on!