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Hello and thanks for checking in!

I'm looking for a new TV, I consider myself to be a little read up on TV sets and their tech atm, however, finding a 43" TV that does most things very good turned out to be more tricky than I had expected so here I am and I'm turning to you guys and I'm hoping maybe you can give some advice or recommendations. :)

Last year I bought a C9 55" for myself, and I couldn't be happier with it. Now I'm getting a new smaller TV and it can be at max 43" and yes I know, this is maybe not what most people here prefers, but that's as big as I can go this time as it's a gift for my parents and I know they do not want any bigger.

So my first instinct was to go for OLED, but as we all know, that can't happen smaller than 48" in 2020. So I then turned and looked at QLED, and look there is a 43" one, so here I was thinking it was all set and done-- Until I ofc see that the 43" QLEDs does not have full-array tech but instead are edge-lit.
I did go and look at one in a store (yeah it ofc effects the preception of it) but however I tweaked it's settings, it still looked dull to the Philips 43" "The One" that was on another wall, it even looked so much darker, which I thought was very odd, not sure if that could've been faulty even..? Cuz even a edge-lit QLED without full-array I thought would be brighter than a LCD, even though if the LCD is back/direct-lit.

Anyho, fast forward to now and I've done looked around on many guides and what not and what's coming this year and so on and I can't really seem to find something that checks all the boxes when it comes to a 43".

Here's some info; The room is bright and big with lots of windows, so yes a IPS panel could maybe be the first instinct, however, since I live in Stockholm, Sweden, that means we'll have very very few hours of day-light and very many hours of pitch-dark half a year. And the other half is unfortunately the opposite where the sun doesn't really set during the summers and it's always bright. So this is kind of a nightmare in itself.

Next is that there's no one selling Vizio TV's which I see have had a 43" that's been praised in 2019. TCL we do have some models of but not the 6 Series (which I've also heard good things about their 43").

Even thought the latter two examples maybe aren't the most expensive, that does not mean I can't spend some money on the TV to get a good one.
I've looked at Samsung's 43" QLED that's coming now 2020, but I can't really seem to find (or I've managed to miss) if it is using full-array like the bigger QLED's, if so, then that's probably something to look at, if not, then I'm wondering the same about The Frame 2020 model.
Otherwise I've looked at some Philips and such which seems good but I'm a bit worried how they'll handle black-depth and how much greyness there might be.

When it comes to other features, I don't look for anything special. Picture quality comes first and almost alone.
I ofc does not mind getting Dolby Vision etc if that's an option, but if a Samsung looks better then I'd go for the Samsung.
Smart TV is not really a biggie either, and whichever brand I'll go for, I'm sure it's gonna be good enough.
4K is I guess semi-important, but that is almost a given it seems like. 8K is not a requirement at all obviously.

So- with all that said... Does anyone have any recommendations to what I shall be buying/waiting for (preferably with some kind of local-dimming) that can be at max 43" ?

Thank you, I appreciate all answers and tips!
I have two tips for you: 1.Samsung UE43TU7000-4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV with Apple TV app and 2.Samsung UE43TU8500-4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV with Apple TV app Freesat HD. Very good reviews about both TVs.Year 2020.