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By bitxan
Hello, I have received this data from LG Korea from the panel, can someone explain what it means? what I am not clear about is the meaning of the control signal characteristics and A10 technology, do you mean that it uses an 8BIT communication interface between t-con and SD-IC + 2BIT (control signal )

문의하신 65SM9010PLA 모델 PANEL은 완전 10BIT입니다.
T-CON과 SD-IC의 통신 부분만 8BIT +최하위 2BIT (control signal) 된
새로운 A10 기술이 적용되었습니다.

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The 65SM9010PLA model PANEL you inquired for is 10BIT in total.
Only the communication part of T-CON and SD-IC is 8BIT + the lowest 2BIT (control signal)
New A10 technology is applied.