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By Tepii

Need advice for my friend who has a burn in LG B7 tv, repair company says it is not a guarentee issue because those tv should have been shut off by pressing the physical power button on tv not the remote controller power button. Because in stand by it still shows image to the paneI, is this true or false :/ In my mind there has always been instruction to use the remote controller power button to but in stand by so the cleaning process works its magic.

For C9 i know that is a fact, but has C7 had a different way to do this correctly? Weird i say.
By GeorgeA.Wilson
Hello Tepii. I have a C7 and there's a maintenance option called Pixel Refresher adn Screen Shift. Go to Picture>>>OLED Panel Settings>>>Pixel Refresher. Choose any of the options. Then enable Screen Shift.
By Oidal
Burn in is caused by turning off your TV. The opposite of your repair mans advice. The damage has already been done give LG some stick and insist on a screen replacement.

There are a few different 'pixel refresher' functions which run on LG OLED TVs. An 'automatic' pixel refresh runs when the TV is turned off after four hours of cumulative usage. This requires the power to be connected, and LG has told us that this takes between 7 and 10 minutes to complete. As a result, this pixel refresh is automatically run at each power cycle of our test (4 times per day).

There is also a 'manual' pixel refresher function which is toggled through the settings menu. This may take an hour to complete, and we manually run this before taking each set of photos (as described above).