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By Beerik
I'm currently torn between two TV choices: the Samsung Q90T and the LG CX in 65''.

I've been set on getting the LG CX during Black friday, but recently a store here in Sweden had a rather good deal on the Samsung Q90T where you got the TV and a free Odyssey G7 27'' monitor for equivalent 1500 euro. I suspect the LG will land somewhere between 1800-2000 euro during BF, so a bit more expensive than the Q90T.

Sooo, I know the LG CX is the better TV and the TV I would be most satisfied with. But, the price difference is too big to entirely dismiss the Q90T.

I come from a Pioneer Kuro 50'' TV, so I'm mostly concerned with local dimming issues connected with the LCD technology. Will it drive me crazy or is it something you can live with?

Also, will I miss features like the Dolby Vision HDR if choosing the Samsung TV?

Thx in advance
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By Rasmus Larsen
65" LG CX for 1800 Euro or more on Black Friday in Sweden? I think honestly it will be significantly cheaper. We have 65" OLED TVs selling for less than 10.000 DKK (1350 Euro) in Denmark regularly now - just in normal weeks.

I don't think Q90T is close to LG CX in picture performance. Q90T has the picture performance of an upper mid-range TV. In my opinion it should be half the price of its current level to be competitive. If you are going for Sony Q90T I would say, consider Sony XH90 too. LG CX would definitely be a step up, and here you would actually get the HDR picture experience. Q90T or XH90 will not give you good HDR.

If you are coming from the excellent Pioneer Kuro I think the dimming issues will drive you crazy, yes.
By Beerik
Thx for the reply. Last year the C9 65'' sold for 19990 SEK (~14400 DKK) at BF and that is the cheapest it has been since. So considering a lower introduction price this year it will probably land around 18000 SEK, but not much cheaper. But if they sell these for 10.000 DKK in Denmark I might have to force myself across the bridge :)

But, your comments confirm my gut feeling. That the Q90T will be inferior to the CX...and to my current 11,5 YO Pioneer plasma screen. Main reason for upgrading is size and not picture quality.

So, I will probably ditch the cheaper option and throw my money on the LG CX (or other OLED with HDMI 2.1) so I can be satisfied for another decade and not driven crazy.