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Why Gaming TVs Have Broken VRR, HDR, LFC, Freesync (2020 Update)

2020 Best Gaming TVs for PS5 & Series X are struggling with VRR, HDR, LFC, Freesync & Dolby Vision! Next Gen Consoles are coming so let's talk why, how and which TVs comes closest to working perfectly. Timestamps at bottom.

All HDMI 2.1 Gaming Monitors: Better than LG CX? and My RTX 3090 Build

ALL HDMI 2.1 Gaming Monitors for Next Gen PS5, Series X & PC gaming [Video sponsor SURFSHARK VPN: use Coupon FOMO for all your VPN needs!] We assess all the best 2.1 monitors arriving in the next few months. And at the end I'll go over FOMO's PC gaming build! Timestamps at bottom