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By [email protected]
hi there.. When will you get to test the new Samsung Plasma tv... Espesially the PS-XXB855Y plasma screen.. I have my selfe purcased this plasma now and are expecting it during this month, but I will wait in exite to read your test and tips of calibration on this monitor...

I have seen this tv live one time and the picture was stunning.. I can without dought say that it can compare to the kuro plasma...

Jens Petter :)
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By Rasmus Larsen
Hi Jens and welcome to the forums.

We have not received confirmation on the new 8-series plasma. I hope to receive it soon but at the moment I only have the Sony W5500 and the Samsung 7-series LED confirmed for reviews here.

I'll make sure to post a news item on the front page when I know more about the 8-series plasma. Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter to receive immediate notification on new reviews ;)

I look forward to hearing your view on the TV as well :)