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By davidd
Hi all,

I have actually a very small tv like 26" and I would like to buy a new one ... I don't know I should take a plasma or led TV, I am only looking for the best quality image I can have with a budget arround 1500 euros for watching HD TV and blu-ray only (no games) and with a reasonable size, from 42" to 46"/50" maximum ...

If anyone can give me a good advice for a model, I was thinking to LG LE8500, Samsung C6000 or Panasonic V20 but I don't know wich one or there is even maybe a better model than these ones ...

Thanks a lot and long life to FlatPanelsHD ! :)

By alvinpark
Hello Guys,

Actually I have a sharp aqua 42 " LCD T.v . I don't know how it started showing a green line on a screen. I have tried reset and restarting the box several times but it is not disappearing.Kindly suggest something.
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By Rasmus Larsen
That is usually a sign that the TV is dying. Sometimes it will continue to work for months or even years but it is too expensive to fix compared to buying a new TV. I know that it is not what you had hoped to hear.