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By miguel_76
Hello everybody.

Well, the first information about the new models VT30 starts coming.

Personally I have several doubts it brings over of these new televisions and I hope that we all collaborate to be able to clarify all the doubts that should arise.

1.- Differences between Infinit Black 2 and Infinit Black 2 Pro.
2.- Real differences between VT30 and VT20.
3.- Viera connect: Does it allow to accede to Internet of free form?
4.- Wi-Fi: Integrated the television, not USB? Does it allow to send HD movies from a WiFi HDD
to the television?

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By Rasmus Larsen
I have answers to a few of the questions.

VT30 has a significantly lower price compared to when VT20 launched. Panasonic confirmed that in London.

1. Hard to say but we will examine this in our reviews soon.
2. It has more functionality and a new slimmer design. If you're thinking picture quality it's hard to say but it certainly looked promising in London.
3. No, there's no web browser - only Apps.
4. Actualyl I think VT30 needs USB even though Panasonic says that it's integrated but I will have to confirm that later on. The list of supported DLNA formats will be released soon.
By miguel_76

In the characteristics of the European VT30 models has the same panel than the ST30, Infinit Black Pro not the Infinit Black Pro 2, but in the US VT30 models has the Infinit Black Pro 2. Why?
Is it possible that to Europe the most advanced panels do not come?
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By Rasmus Larsen
Where do you read that? The VT30 will have Infinite Black Pro 2 panels in Europe too, according to Panasonic.
By Juan
It is written in some Spanish Panasonic website (onlie Panasonic shop) that VT30 has Infinite Black Prto but it seems very clear it is simply a typing mistake and really VT30 will have Infinite Black Pro 2.

I have a question t Rasmus. Reading Panasonic comments about the new 2011 models (less reflexions, same quick phosphor in every model, ...) it seems that the mid-high range models specially GT30 have advanced more from last year in comparison with the VT30 high end model.

Previous VT20 already had much less reflexions than the others and also had the new high quality phosphor.

I want to buy the best Panasonic in 2011 and I am waiting for it. Of course I was thinking on VT30, but if GT30 has exactly the same quality I would not pay more only for the front glass new design. If VT30 appart from the design has better quality and/or sound, I will go for it.

Rasmus, I know you have not yet made the reviews, but do you have also this feeling that now GT30 is closer to VT30 in comparison with the distance last year between GT20 and VT20? Do you really think that in terms of picture and/or sound quality VT30 will still be an advance in comparison with GT30 appart from the design?
By miguel_76

I hope it.

The mistake is on Panasonic Spain, Italy and UK web.

I am agree with Juan about the differences between Vt and ST models.
By Cris
Last year VT20 had much less reflexions in comparison with other plasma models. It was a fantastic improvement made by Panasonic thank to the Infinite Black Pro pannel.

In 2011 models, Panasonic says that all models have less reflexions. It seems clear in GT30 in comparison with previous GT20, which suffered some reflexions.

But, this will be the same with VT30 in comparison with VT20? We hope Infinite Black Pro 2 pannel is better than previous year one, but the risk I see is because of new front glass design in VT30 that can affect reflexions.

Anyway, looking at the pictures this new VT30 design seems to be fantastic!
By poster
miguel_76 wrote:Hi.

In the characteristics of the European VT30 models has the same panel than the ST30, Infinit Black Pro not the Infinit Black Pro 2, but in the US VT30 models has the Infinit Black Pro 2. Why?
Is it possible that to Europe the most advanced panels do not come?
According to (europe TV models) the VT30, GT30 and ST30 all have the same panel ("Infinite Black Pro"). The G30 has a different panel ("Infinite Black", without the "pro"...) This also looks OK becasue
VT30, GT30 and ST30 all have 3D, but G30 does not have 3D. The site does not specify anything about version number "2" on these panels, which is a bit strange.?
If these conclusions about panasonic plasma panels are correct this also means that the table with features in the acticle about panasonic 2011 TVs is wrong. ... 1297857148
This table states that only VT30 has the "pro"-panel.

Rasmus, looking forward to your test of G30, with the "Infinite Black" panel!
(Any plans for this test??)
By Juan
If this is the case with all these Panasonic PDP models having Infinite Black Pro pannel, is there supposed to be any concrete difference in terms of picture quality between VT30 and GT30?

Last year VT20 had better image quality (better phosphor) and much less reflections than GT20. But is this going to be the case this year between VT30 and GT30 at least in the features pre-analysis, or we could say that both are supposed to have the same picture quality and the only difference will be the design?

If this is the case (same expected quality between VT30 and GT30) perhaps the VT30 deep review is unnecessary and for myself it would be a great deception as I was expecting much about it in order to defintely buy it. I really hope VT30 finally will have something like Infinite Black Pro 2 pannel with some improved features in comparison with GT30.

Can anybody add some comments?