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By wentworth
Hi Rasmus:

Any news about new TVs from Sharp for this year?

At CES they introduced a very big quattron screen, 70", they talked about the 935, but I haven't read any news or articles about new models for 2011? Have you?

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By Rasmus Larsen
Sharp only exhibited some prototypes and demonstration models at CES. Some model ranges were exhibited but not all will make it to the market.

Sharp says that they will release the full details on their 2011 TVs very soon. FlatpanelsHD will have full coverage - naturally :)
By wentworth
Thanks a lot, Rasmus, you're the best ;)

Last year they presented their new models on March the 8th.

regards. :)
By westa6969
HOT NEWS!!! I'm a long time member of AVSForum in the states that visits this site almost daily and a Member in Vegas purchased two brand spanking new 70" Sharp LC 70LE732U - Models and posted pic's of them in his garage awaiting setup.

What a deal - these things are MSRP'd at around $3250 US.

We're pending confirmation whether it's edge lit or full array and one of our Sponsors, Cleveland Plasma has them in-stock and may have a professional calibrator check it out soon and post his professional review. Don't know if Europe will be seeing the 70" units or not but I've waited 5 years to upgrade from my 57" Sharp and this thing will cost half as much as it and weighs about 40 pounds less. Have a good day! :roll:
By wentworth
Sharp is behaving wierd.
They introduced just one model, the new 830, not the whole 2011 line.

Maybe they are in the middle of something important or maybe they are having problems.

Regards. ;)
By ruzveh
I want someone to reach out to Sharp and other led manufacturer that they should keep producing their top of the line products in 40-42" TV as well and not restrict those models to bigger screen as we get tempted to buy those higher models but dont have space to own them. Many households have less space and they are restricted to such models. Hence LG 42LE8500 was my best pick last year. This year LG is not out of question for me.