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By Juan
Dear Rasmus.
The new Philips TV flagship model, 46PFL9706, has obtained the 2011 EISA Award as the best 3D TV. Perhaps this is not a surprise because it seems that usually Philips obtains this award independently on the real quality of the TV, but this year it is explicitely explained in the Award that Philips has made a big step forward in comparison with last year model (9705 that also obtained the EISA Award).

The review for the previous 9705 model was not fantastic and the TV was not recommended, though it is full LED and with brilliant specs in terms of contrast ratio, 400 Hz, ....

Rasmus, do you think it is true Philips has strongly improved this model in comparison with 9705? Do you have any plan of reviewing this new Philips flagship model?
By Juan
Is the new Moth Eye Filter really as impressive as Philips says?

Philips also underline the new fantastic contrast ratio (15M) thanks to this new Moth Eye Filter in combination with the new Bright Pro technology. These new features are only included in the 46 inches model. The sound is also supposed to be improved.

Philips in the presentation of this model in Barcelona compared it with last year flagship model (with the 46PFL9705) and reading some forums it seems that the difference between both was really hughe, so perhaps it is true this model represents a great step forward ni comparison with last year one.

It seems to be more than interesting to enjoy flatpanels review regarding this TV.

Rasmus, have you planned to review this new model?
By Juan
It is really impressive. Almost no reflections. Thank you very much Hristoslav . :)

I have read other articles from people that say this TV shows the highest contrast ever seen on a LED TV. It seems to be impressive not only the reflections but also the contrast in comparison with the same other three models (Samsung and Sony's flagship models and Philips last year model).
Thank you hristoslav2! This certainly made it alot easier for me to decided which tv to buy!
I will most definently buy the 46" PFL9706!
Best regards
Jesper Keller
By Juan
I have seen this TV during the weekend in a store. I watched a Blu-Ray film and some TV programs (SD and HD) but not yet 3D pictures as there were no glasses. My first feeling was that contrast and colours were amazing, but after watching the TV more, it began to happen not so positive feelings.

In some scenes, sometimes it was more than visible vertical banding, or even complete little squares were visible, alligned vertically and they seemed to be the backlight LED unit cells that were changing brightness from one to another. This happened when at the back of the picture there was a light colour with no exact brigthness (typical case of daylight sky with some clouds), and with movement of this back picture (sky, the wall of a room if it was light, ...). When colours in the screen were dark (dark green, blue, grey, ...), contrasts, colours and sharpness were amazing and this banding was not visible at all. In some cases the first impression was that the sky was "dirty", but watching it more this was the effect of the banding.

Watching a football match there werea also some kind of distorsions in the green of the grass when the scene was in movement.

Can this be solved with better settings (I can imagine reducing backlight contrast and brightness), or perhaps this is simply an issue of the TV that must be asumed?
By Juan
A friend of mine has bought Philips 46PFL9706 and he is going to return it as he is still in the warranty period given by the stores.

He called me because he wanted a second opinion. We could see part of a football match, part of a film and little parts of some other programs making zapping.

Sometimes picture quality is amazing (deepest blacks seen, brilliant and natural colours, sharpness, ...), but this TV seems to be more a Beta version still in prototype than an already existing flagship TV. The backlighting system has some problems really difficult to understand in this high end TV.

The problem is generally in the back part of the screen. For example, in a football match from time to time it appears lights and strange shadows in the grass when the scene is in movement. The same for the films, looking at the sky or at the back of a room, where the backlight is not homogeneous and many strange artifacts are visible from time to time, for example a wall that suddenly is darker and brighter. It seems that individual LEDs of the backlight system do not make the expected result and it is really disturbing for the general vision of the screen.

My friend is going to return the TV. Perhaps the backlight full array LED technology in comparison with Edge LED requires that everything is perfectly synchronized in order you can obtain the perfect picture quality. In an Edge LED TV this kind of issues are almost impossible to happen, but in the other hand in an Edge LED it is also almost impossible to obtain these level of perfect blacks.