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By Zhoken
Greetings all!

My question is simple: Can a 1080P HDTV display lower than it's native resolution (1920x1080) when used as a PC monitor?

Example: Let's say I'm using a 1080p TV as monitor and trying to run a game that is running a little sluggish at 1920x1080. Would I be able to run said game at a lower resolution that the TV's native resolution, without loss of image quality?

I currently don't have a 1080P TV which is why I'm asking. I'm considering whether to buy a 1080P or 720p 32' TV that's going to dual as a PC monitor. I'm not confident that the hardware on this PC will be able to run all the games I want @ 1080p. (PC is core 2 duo e6600 + HD 5770 GPU)

Any thoughts or feedback would be most appreciated!

Thanks all!