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Hello! First off let me say that this is a very nice site, accurate and thorough reviews!

TL;DR: What the subject says

Now, my question. Me and my father are looking for a replacement for our old tv. He doesn't care much for anything, but I want the best picture quality available in this price range, I intend to watch Full HD movies and he intends to watch some SD and some HD channels (discovery HD woohoo!). However, we both agree fully on the fact that the screen should reflect as little light as possible (matte display finish, as I understood the reviews).
As far as I could see, I can get a 46-47inch tv with the budget that we have, is this correct?

At first we were both like "plasma all the way", but then I saw an LED LCD tv next to the plasma in the store and it blew my mind. So we're kinda leaning towards the LED. Is this a good choice? I'm looking at the Philips 7606 . ... 1316001274

But I thought, hey, since I've a forum full of HDTV enthusiasts available, why not ask. So tell me, what would be my best choice? I'm still open to changes, I just want the best image available. I did see the LED LCD in the store make some very ugly fast moving scenes. I'm aware that plasmas have the upper hand at fast moving scenes, but this 7606 has supposedly reduced this issue to a level where it isn't as bothering/noticeable.
I'm not really interested in gaming on the tv. No ps3 or xbox here.

Don't get me wrong here, i'm not the guy who would buy apple products (no offense), that is, I'd much rather have a very ugly and thick and hot tv over a nice and thin one, as long as it plays movies in stunning quality (vibrant, bright colors and blackest blacks included).

thanks in advance and sorry for the wall of text :D