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By Trolle
#6056 I´ve kept my eyes on the LG and Philips 55" LCDs with passive 3D for a while.
LG W550 and Philips 7606.

I have understood from your test on the LG that the software upgrade did some magic but I haven´t heard that Philips have done anything similar? Anyone knows?

The Pros for a Philips buy so far: Better looking, Ambilight...and thats it?
The Pros for a LG buy so far: Upgraded 3D (and 2D to 3D?)...better smart-functions?

I tried to get in touch with Philips support in Sweden but they didn´t know anything about any update....they know that there had been 3 updates but couldn´t tell what they were about.

HELP! 8-)
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By Rasmus Larsen
#6063 I asked Philips the same thing but the firmware update seems to be a LG-only thing right now (and it is not even available for all models yet, it seems). I imagine that LG plans to release it to other manufacturers such as Philips, Vizio etc. These companies license the Cinema 3D technology from LG so they should be able to reap the full benefit of the technology, too.

But right now it looks like Philips will incorporate it on next year's line-up, and not update the 2011 models. At least that is how it looks like to me. :)
By Trolle
#6064 Thanks Rasmus, then the LG looks, in my opinion , stronger with updated software compared to the Philips.
You mentioned that not all LGs will have the updated softwate.
Are the LG 55LW550W one of those that is updated?
If I look at LG Support their latest Firmware is called :

Is this the one you had when you did you "Updated 3D test" with the LW550?
By hristoslav2
#6069 55PFL7606H/12 Software history

NOTE: Each release contains all solutions identified in the earlier version.
The latest software solves the issues below:

Q5551_0.14.84.0 (Date published: 2011-10-21)
Important: This software is NOT applicable to T-models.
• Picture disappears while watching ZIGGO digital (DVB-C) channels with CAM inserted. (Only
applicable to country, Netherlands)
• No sound during initial replay of paused programme (Pause TV).

Q5551_0.14.76.0 (Date published: 2011-10-06)
Important: This software is NOT applicable to T-models.
• Support of USB keyboard and USB mouse.
• Support of USB subtitles (exclusively for file extension srt, sub and sami).
• YouTube application is upgraded to the new YouTube Leanback application.
• You are now able to select the locked channels using P+/- keys.
• TV is unable to wake-up from Standby.
• Unable to select picture format when you [Browse USB] or [Browse PC].
• “No Programme Available” message appears onscreen when you switch channel.
• Ambilight lounge light turns off by itself.
• “No signal” OSD appears onscreen when you switch between channels. (Only applicable to country,
• Unable to playback satellite (DVB-S) recorded channels. (Only applicable to K-models)
• “Scrambled Program” OSD appears onscreen when you watch satellite (DVB-S) channels with CAM
inserted. (Only applicable to K-models)

Q5551_0.10.105.0 (Date published: 2011-09-02)
• With this software your TV is CANAL READY certified.
• With this software your TV is ZIGGO certified.
• Vertical black bars appear onscreen with certain picture formats.
• Improvement on the channel installation stability.
• Improvement on the USB recording feature.
• Irish language is added to the menu language.
• Portuguese OSD translation error is corrected.
• Video delay (lipsync) observed through SCART and Component (Y Pb Pr) connection.
• Picture is over-stretched while watching certain channels. (Only applicable to country, UK)
• Audio drop-out when switching between digital channels. (Only applicable to country, UK)
• TV has no picture when switching between digital and analog channels. (Only applicable to country,
• Subtitle is not display correctly. (Only applicable to country, UK)

Q5551_0.10.94.1 (Date published: 2011-06-17)
• Implementation of new product range (T-series).
• TV has no picture and no sound after it wake-up from Standby.
• Teletext is not working.

Q5551_0.10.65.11 (Date published: 2011-05-26)
• TV screen flashes during startup.

Q5551_0.10.65.9 (Date published: 2011-05-12)
• Initial production software.
By Trolle
#6075 Hmm, it seems that the Philips doesn´thave the updated algoritm, but the LG does.
But does all the LG with passive 3D have it or is it only the top-models such as the 650W-serie?

I´m mostly interested in the LG 550W, anyone knows if it comes with the updated FW?