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By duckfan4life
I bought this tv a few weeks ago and took it back because it was flickering, most obvious in the blacks. I took it back and got the same tv. It does the same think. The eco sensor is off and the energy save mode is off. Its driving me crazy. Can someone please help me solve thisi really love the tv and dont want to switch brands but am going to if i cant solve this issue. Did i seriously get two defective tvs in a row or is this just a plasma thing. This is my first plasma. I have played with every setting i can find and cant get it to stop flickering. It does it on my samsung bluray player and when i play dvds on my xbox and when i watch tv. It is most obvious when there are bars on the top and bottom. Please help.
Are you referring to pixel noise? This is a common problem on all plasma TVs - espcially in the dark grey areas of images.

It happens because plasma TVs are not able to reproduce shades of dark grey (and other dark colors). Instead manufacturers use a dithering method where new colors are created from existing ones.