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i know that the 2D quality is great too, but is it worth its price if you're not interested in 3D at all? I've seen some complaining on forums about the buzzing as well, is it worth waiting for next years models and hoping the buzzing will be solved and that Panasonic will have a high-end model without 3D?

Need advice, please help! :)
3D is not really that expensive to incorporate. The thing you are actually paying extra for is the 3D glasses. In some countries you can buy VT30 without the 3D glasses so that should solve your problem. So my answer to your main question is; yes, I personally think so :)

I don't think you should expect Panasonic to release a high-end model without 3D next year. They have invested a lot of effort and time in the 3D market so I think they plan to continue down that path.
It seems to be very different from set to set and some experience nothing; others an unbearable level of buzzing.

Our sample had no such problems so I guess we got lucky. I have heard of many cases where Panasonic replaces the TV if buzzing is audible from a typical seating distance. But I guess the safest bet is to have a talk with the retailer before you press the buy button :)
I did talk to them, both the retailer and Panasonic, and they both had a whole lot of non-asnwers. I'll be picking it up on Friday so let's just hope I'm lucky with my set.

Is the buzzing something that will fade with time?