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By knutinh
I have very simple requirements:
-I don't care about 3D
-I don't care about smart tvs, browsing, apps
-I don't care about built-in sound
-I don't care about very thin tvs

But I do care about having the best possible video quality.
-A large dynamic range with accurate gamma and good blacks(plasma or LED array?)
-natural movement (plasma or black-frame insertion/flashing backlight? 24p content should be shown with a smooth, even progress. Sceptical about heavily processed motion interpolation and would rather have a panel/backlight that does the right thing in the first place - cinemas have been able to for 50 years or more....)
-1:1 pixel,
-4:4:4 video (don't tell me that you have to subsample a a 2mpix buffer in 2011...)
-precise colors (preferreable reasonably good factory calibration).
-Spatial or temporal dithering should, if present, be invisible at normal viewing distances.
-I also tend to be annoyed by gui/remote that is slow, cluttered and unintuitive.

My main source would be 1080p24 bluray from a PC over HDMI so I want the HDMI input to be 1080p24/50/60 capable (without rate-conversion), 1:1 pixel (no scaling/overscan), 4:4:4 (no chroma subsampling of my menues, please). Moderate latency is required, but I don't need the most extreme.

I think that 45-50" would do, and my room is semi-darkened (one window only, with heavy drapers). I don't think that reflections will be a big problem, and I am not all that concerned with off-angle image quality.

What tv would be right for me? Philips 9706? Sony hx92x? Panasonic VT30?

By Juan
In my opinion the best 2D image is achieved with Panasonic VT30, but this is very subjective and depends on your personal image preferences.

Panasonic VT30 gives the most natural view and the more "true to life" images, but Sony and Philips (both full array LED) perhaps give a more "spectacular" view, a more digital one with higher brigthness. Image in Philips and Sony can be a little sharper than in Panasonic, but not natural sharpness.

In my personal opinion, after watching the TV more and more I appreciate the natural and comfortable image given by a good plasma TV like Panasonic VT30. But for example for watching cartoons or some kind of spectacular sports (motorbikes, Formule 1, even tennis, ...) perhaps the other TVs (Sony and Philips) are better because they can give more artificial sharpness for a more impressive image.

For watching films, I think the best option is plasma Panasonic VT30. Yes it has more reflections than Philips 9706 but nothing serious and I think it has less reflections than Sony HX9xxx.

I hope I have helped. Finally, it is a personal option depending on personal preferences.