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By leon113
Hi everbody!

Im currently looking at two LED TVs. The first model is the Sony 40EX720 and the second model is the Samsung 406530. Mostly TV will be used to watch Bluray movies and play games on Xbox 360. I need of your exper device. Which is beter and which suggest?

Im looking for your opinion.

Thanks, best regards!

The two TVs are not that different and based on the same LCD panel technology. The Smart TV features are bad in both. Samsung's 3D implementation is slightly better and picture characteristics are not that different. I think it largely comes down to what compromises you can live with.

Are you 100 % set on one of these two TVs? Have you considered Panasonic GT30 or G30 for example?
By leon113
I also looked at the G30. It is better than samsung and sony in picture quality (3D, HD)?
In the other direction I looked the GT30 but in Europe it costs about 1200€, Samsung and Sony 700€.
Which suggest?
The G30 does not support 3D but in my opinion it is better in terms of picture quality, yes. But you obviously need to consider that the plasma technology has some other pros and cons that the LCD technology.

If you are not planning on using 3D, I would recommend G30. I'm not sure if Panasonic has a G50 lined up for 2012 but we will know more after February 21 when Panasonic announced their European line-up.