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Hello everyone,
I´m new here,I have been reading this and I don´t understand why ex720 is better than nx720 or d6530 when those ones are more expensive.I have thought to expend not more than 1400€ so I´ve been searching for a long time.
Also I don´t know if it is interesting to buy this year or wait to 2012 when big tv´s will be cheaper.I have 4´5m to the sofa,so I need a big one,minimun of 55"....too many headaches....
Do someone know about differences?
First thank you,second why,expensive tv´s are not better than cheaper ones?
The higher-end TVs in the market don’t necessarily offer better picture quality. The NX range is more of a "design range" and was introduced as a TV/furniture solution. I don't know if I agree that EX720 is better than Samsung's 6 series - in my opinion they are pretty much in the same picture quality segment.

If you are mainly concerned about picture quality, have you considered a 50-60" plasma TV?
Oh I have certainly thought about Plasma Tv´s,but they are more expensive than Led tv´s in that size.For example I have 4´5m in a slightly dark room.So I need a big TV 55" or more,but now is when the problems a need a Plasma Tv.
On the other hand looks like tv´s from this year are going to become more than just a white sheet,they look like are going to become media centers,such as tv´s with kinetic....
I don´t know,more I read less I know.
Thanks,for your help!