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I like this web page and the tests are helping me very much. im looking for a TV around 6000 SEK kronor. it is around 988 dollars i think. however i would like to use the TV for Ps3 gaming such as FPS (call of duty) and to watch normal TV and movies. Ive been looking on the TV market here in sweden and on the internet and there is just so many Tv to choose. And one stores says something about a TV and then the other store tells me something different about the same tv. ive been looking into buying a philips because someone sais they had a great sound (with no speakers attached) so basicly im looking for a tv with 100 hz and low input lag and full HD in the size of 40-42". Many stores had told me about the Philips PFL6606H and PFL5606H and PFL5206H and some stores also name them H/K/T at the end? what does that mean? So my question is, could you hook me up with a good gaming tv for my price? ill be very happy for a fast answer.Thanks in advance - from a desperate swede. Rasmus Larsen i would be happy if u responsed to my comment and the Tv doesnt need to have 3D or fancy net applications such as skype, i just want a good and fast tv for FPS games :D Thank you so much
please reply with recomendations and links, and no plasma tvs please.
100 hz and low input lag
These two systems are irreconcilable. 100/200 Hz systems are used to calculate new images based on the ones received. This is impossible to do without introducing input lag. So basically, what you want, is a TV without 100 Hz :-)

For gaming I would suggest you go with a plasma TV. They are faster, have lower input lag and cheaper in the large formats. Try to have a look at the TX-P42G30 or maybe one of Samsung's non 3D-plasmas (since the 3D Samsung plasma TVs still have some problems with retention and you don't want that on a TV mainly used for gaming).

I don't think Philips make very good gaming TVs to be frank - actually they are often the ones with the highest level of input lag.

EDIT: I just noticed that you are not seeking a plasma - sorry about that. Maybe you want to have a look at Samsung's 5 or 6 LED series and then deactive the MotionPlus system. Sharp's LE831S is also fairly good for gaming but it has some overdrive trailing.
Thanks you so much! You seem to know what you are talking about and im so desperate to find a good fps TV. The main reason why i dont want a plasma is because of the burn ins :o and when you say i should look for a tv without 100hz that just confuss me because the tv stores tells me to look after a 100hz tv. I do not want 3D because i think its unnecesary and just increases the price. can you explain a little bit about the Perfect motion rate (PMS) which alot products say that they have 100 hz PMS and by that som people say its not 100 hz, should i buy a tv with that? and finally so many peoples have said that philips makes a great sound with their products and i like that because i dont think ill be buying speakers. look ive been almost ready to buy a 6606 philips but now u say they have the hightest input lag and are not good gaming tvs so i dont know what to do :( what is MotionPlus and could you link me another tv aside from that sharp TV :) and what is overdrive trailing?
thank you so much rasmus!
Some plasma TVs still suffer from burn-in but you can get many plasma TVs without problems. For example the G30 from Panasonic and considering the low price and high performance it is a really good buy. Try to see if you can find it in a store to see it for yourself.

I'm sure they tell you that, yes. Hz systems are still selling points but it in reality it is a trick to compensate for the LCD technology's inherent limitations and the low frame-rate that video content is producing in today.
We are currently updating an article over on our Danish site (FlatpanelsDK) about the 100/200 Hz systems. If you run it through Google Translate you might be able to read it already. It explains the principles. ... 1288865091

Philips makes decent sound, not great , but only in the high-end TVs. If you want great sound you need separate speakers. :)

Have you looked at the recommendations list? ... 1229341472

Overdrive trailing looks like a "halo" around moving objects. It can be very frustrating - especially during gaming.