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What tv would you consider the best purchase, considering - Price - Quality - 3D- Size .

By Anthony
I have been considering the Samsung PN64E8000 and the Panasonic 65 inch GT/VT50, and the Sharp 80 inch. One thing I have been leary on is the Panasonic tv's because their seems to be alot of reports of owners from 2011 about ir and burn in, this scares me. Also, I have read about Panasonic st/gt/vt having xtalk on 3d. I have a Samsung PN51E8000 (replacement for a PN51D8000), I like it but the new features - voice/motion control are ok, but not as amusing as I originally thought. I like the expansion pack - if they actually do something with it next year at a reasonable price. I like the size of the Sharp, but I was told that they are a step up from DPL (Mits) but are no where near the quality of plasma, and that their off angle viewing is horrible. I am looking to spend about $4000.00 on a new 64/65+ set this year. So, does anyone have a recomendation ? I am just confused from all the searching and reading, not knowing what is fact and what is not, and hearing the horror stories. I am looking for a tv with good to great pq, and the best 3d there is. I will have several seating poitions to the left and right off center so off angle viewing is important. I am also very sensitive to ir. I have even been thinking about the Samsung UN60ES7500/8000, but I am also very very sensitive to banding and uneven backlighting, and I hate flashlighting - (also may be a problem with the sharp as they are led.). I just want a tv with decent black levels - 0.006 or better, Great 3D with no (or very little) xtalk/ghosting, decent color reproduction, and no gotcha moments like ir or burn in. I like the Samsung I have it is just to small, and I really want to go as big as I can. Is there any models coming out later this year worth considering ? What about waiting till next year for oled or 2013 models ? I won't be buying a tv for a while (4 years or so) after this purchase so hopefully I can get a set that will be of such quality as to not be obsolete in a year. I appreciate any and all help. Also, any information on the Sharp sets as far as quality is greatly appreciated.

You may choose 3 options in poll, please post what other tv's ( manufacturer - model - size -etc..) you would consider

Thank you, for your time and help.