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Regarding Philips (TP vision).

This article : ... ent-493156 states that :
Delving into the UK-bound ranges, the majority that will be arriving during the first half of 2015 will be full HD 1080p models, with the higher-end ones getting the aforementioned double-sided QWERTY remote, 100Hz native 10-bit LCD panel, active 3D capabilities, 2- or 3-side Ambilight (which this year is boosted by the addition of new presets for music and gaming), and higher Picture Motion Rate (PMR) specification.
The higher ones meaning the 6500 full hd series.

100Hz native with true 10-bit LCD panel is fantastic if true and still at 1080p price levels.

Any idea ?
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By Rasmus Larsen
10-bit Full HD panels, hmm well. I will need to have that confirmed by Philips before I believe that :) Higher-end models could also mean the UHD models, no? Philips has a HDR capable TV planned for the third or fourth quarter of 2015 and that will surely use a 10-bit panel.
Normally 99% of all IPS were 6 bit + FCR (frame rate control) and VA were true 8 bit with only some expensive IPS being true 8 bit like the VA panels.

So as you say, only high end ultra HD are true 10 bit panels. The 6500 with active 3D is most likely a 8 bit VA 60Hz panel just like the Sony.
By proyal
There was some debate weather h265 can retain the same fine details /grain as h264.

Conclusion is that even the latest H265 is not able to preserve details in the video and that h264 is superior in terms of details.

How is x265 superior and useful on 4K if it lack details except for bandwidth ? It is not apparently.

So right now there is no problem buying a TV that lacks HEVC on 1080p it seems.

Any comment ?