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By Tesseract
Thanks for this thread. I have chronic migraine so pwm increases the frequency of my migraines greatly because my brain is structurally different from normal people. I'm a software developer and use an old HP 2025 monitor that has no pwm and can use it all day without eye strain or it giving me a migraine. I have 3 extras when the current one dies. I'm always on the lookout for new technology that will make my life better.
By DannySB1
Sorry to bump such an old thread

I am from the U.K. and I was wondering if you know of any Sony tv's available here that are flicker free?

I'm looking for a 32", the only Sonys available in the UK atm are:-
KDL32WD603, KDL-32R403C, KDL-32RD433, KDL32WD603BU, 32WD752SU, KDL32WD754BU

I'm not sure what the US equivalents of these are. Would you know, or do you know if these are flicker free?