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Rasmus Larsen wrote:
TantumV3rd3 wrote:Good morning friends,
I'm thinking of buying a 50W807 ... the use you give him for sport (much), playstation and some movies ... is a good choice?
The new 2015 W7C? Or the 2014 W7B?
New 2015. W807C. :)

Any idea on when you have the chance to test any of the Sony X83C range?

I have seen some reviews, and they all standout the samsung TV's on the top, I don't know if it's because I have been burned in the past with samsung and LG crap, but it seems to me that the Sony TV's are a lot better in quality to the ones everyone stands out in the reviews.

Something everyone should put in the reviews, right next to the scores should be the score on the price tag.
I misunderstood the reviews on some Sony models, they are badly scored but I always get the felling they are in that position because of the price and not because of the technical performance of the equipment.
No plans, sorry. The 2016 line-up will be unveiled in one week at CES so we will probably not take any more 2015 models in for testing.

However, be aware that the X83C has an IPS panels. So weak contrast (but wide viewing angles).