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Samsung launches 2015 Evo Kit, adds HDR to some 2014 TVs
29 Jun 2015 | Rasmus Larsen (@Flatpanels) | 11 Comments

I added my comment with question there
and I'm now opening a new topic in the forum this one.

Here it is:

droid jp • 20 hours ago

Hi could anyone confirm that
samsung is releasing sek-3000 only for US and Korea
but leaving europe without this evo for 2012/2013 fhd e-series f-series ?



I'm wondering if anyone do have already the SEK-3000 specifications to share here.
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In reference with the query you have stated on your email concerning the television and the evolution kit, if you're referring to the 2015 Evolution kit, we would like to inform you that Samsung did not release a specific date of availability of the 2015 Evolution Kit yet. However, we can assure you that the model will be release within this month. Release date will be posted on the Samsung Uk website
Just thought that I would add that I too have spoken with Samsung. All the general call handlers are vague and never commit to anything. I however persisted, until one person actually called me back after speakeing to her manager, and looking at their existing email communications. It was confirmed that the SEK 3000 was categorically coming to the UK. The only thing they didn't have was specification and dates. I know that promises can be broken, but the call handler appeared confident, and assured me that I would be sensible holding off buying the current Evolution Kit, which 'Currys' were doing at as a clearance.
droid wrote:
Rasmus Larsen wrote:If we don't hear anything new this week or the next I suspect that Samsung will tell more about its plans during IFA 2015 in Berlin.
Did you get response from Samsung ?
The only thing we got was a confirmation that SEK-3000 is indeed coming later this year. But not specifications could be made available.