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By Rasmus Larsen
#7517 Nice find. I believe that the European line-up will be different, though. The European line-up will be unveiled in early March at Panasonic Convention. I'll be there in Frankfurt so I will surely report home on the new 2016 Panasonic TVs :)
By loopthrough
#7579 DX750 is Innolux VA in 50", 58" in the EU. Japan gets IPS for that model as they prefer IPS due to viewing angles.
DX700 is Innolux VA in the EU. Not sure if this model even launches outside of the UK/EU. Replacement for the CX680. Faster panel (?), better motion processing than last year's CX680.
DX600 I think is using VA in all sizes except the 49", or was that the FHD model equivalent? Either way, a nothing special TV (50hz, etc). Probably intended to be heavily discounted later in the year, a la the Sony "R" series sets...