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Hello, I'm Mandip, I live in India but have spent a lot of time in the UK as I was studying at Nottingham University and have family living there. I am now settled back in Mumbai for this time. I have been looking to purchase an LED TV for my apartment as I am now earning ok money. In the UK you see Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic and so many other brands to choose from everywhere you go but here it is not the same. One brand that I have seen a lot of is Micromax and they seem a very popular choice for the Indian public but I wanted to know whether they actually do good products or whether I should be looking to find other brands?
I've found a cheap used LED TV for sale at, a Micromax 32B6300MHD that's basically brand new and its located in Mumbai so I can go and check it out. The sellers agreed to hold it for me so I'm going to take a look tomorrow. For 10,000 Rs, providing its in good condition, I'm getting a pretty great deal. I'm keen to test the picture quality and functions though before I buy but I'm reserved in my expectations. I'll be freeing up funds for other things that I need for the apartment this way. Can get a nicer display next year maybe. Will let you know what I think of it. The reviews online do seem reasonable.
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I don't have any personal experience with the TVs yet. I've seen them a few times at trade shows but on the show floors most TVs are made to look good.