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So, I thought we should dedicate a thread to Sony's 2016 TV line-up. Let's share experiences in here.

Overview of Sony's 2016 TV line-up ... 1456483738

- XD94 is a high-end FALD model
- XD93 is a high-end edge LED model
- XD85 is a mid-range 4K TV with HDR processing
- SD85 is the same as XD85 just curved (only available in Europe)

All 4K TVs will have have Android TV. None of the HD models will.
Sony is rumored to unveil a so-called ZD9 flagship TV next week. Full local dimming (some claim over 1000 zones).

One has mentioned a pre-order price of 5000 USD for a 65" ZD9. It is also rumored to support Dolby Vision but at this point everything is a rumor.

Sony has scheduled an official TV event in London for July 20-21.